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„I am proud to say that I have been a part of this amazing team for the past 18 years and I thank them for the small and great miracles they do every day. I have the outmost respect for the results of their work.”

Princess Marina Sturdza    1.04.1952 - 22.10. 2017

Honorary President


Amalia Enache

Hope and Homes for Children Ambassador

„Everyday, since I became a mother, I rock my baby to sleep with a song; I have learnt the meaning of every sound she makes and the importance of each smile she bares, I carry her in my arms most of the time and I constantly notice her need to have me close. Who do you think will be there to answer with love to those children sent away from their parents, in the 85.400 moments of a day, when they need it?! I have been alongside Hope and Homes for Children Romania for seven years and I believe that by bringing love in the lives of orphan children, we save the world a little.”  


Alexandru Tomescu

Hope and Homes for Children Ambassador

„Being an Ambassador for Hope and Homes for Children, I contribute to a noble cause through my most valuable abilities, through that which I know how to do best - the music that I love so much - and through it, I can contribute to improving and - literally - saving the lives of some wonderful children.”


Marius Manole

Hope and Homes for Children Ambassador

„The Hope and Homes for Children Foundation has saved the lives of tens of thousand children and young people who are less fortunate than most of us. I am honoured to be a part of the Hope and Homes for Children family and to contribute, through what I do, to giving happiness to those children who need it most. After all, being an actor means to deliver happiness - and this is what I know know how to do best.”