I need my childhood. I need you.


In June, ten well-known Romanian artists urge you to remember about the children living in orphanages. ”I need you” is a JYSK Romania and Hope and Homes for Children joint campaign aimed to raise awareness about the need to close down all the orphanages and find suitable conditions for the children currently living in them.


„I need you” - Friends of Hope and Homes

The childhood spent in an orphanage is not a real childhood.

Help us offer the children currently living in orphanages the chance to a proper childhood. 

Make a donation of  2 EUROS/MONTH* to close down orphanages and offer the children currently living in them the childhood they deserve.

Text HOPE to 8844.

Each 2 EUROS donated between June 1st to June 30th will be matched by JYSK Romania.


Artists involved in the project


Alexandra Ungureanu


Ligia Hojda

I wholeheartedly joined this project because I believe in solidarity, in the power for good, I believe in the importance of a family and its influence on the well being of children, of the society in general. I myself grew up in a large family, with 5 other siblings and all my childhood I felt supported and encouraged, living in a harmonious environment where dialogue was encouraged. I had also the chance to meet young people who spent their lives in orphanages and told us a little about themselves, about their suffering, about the tough system that they had to cope with. I think the most beautiful thing is to offer love to everyone around us. Because when you are blessed with a place that you call ”home” you can feel free to dream, to develop your skills, your self esteem, your inner strength to follow your own dreams. I think we should be more aware of what others need, make time to help them, try to listen to each other and be prepared to act if needed because only like this we can build strong relationships with the others.


Alexandra-Maria Hojda

How can we, human beings, be so irresponsible? All we look for is pleasure and unfortunately, we run away when we need to take responsibility.. I got involved in this project because I want to contribute, in my own way, to the cause of children who lack the warmth of a family. I think empathy and solidarity are really important in this crazy, restless world and children need to know that they are not alone.


Flavia Hojda

For a few times I joined a group of volunteers who worked with orphan children from Sighetu Marmației. I remember how much our presence meant for them, the fact that we played and sang together. I came to realise that besides the very harsh living conditions they really lacked affection, the need to be accepted, to get integrated.

I am happy I joined this project, not only because I had a good time while recording the song, with nice people and good vibes but also because it draws attention to the fact that we can all get involved and contribute till one day when…Hope and Homes for Children’s mission will be accomplished and all the children will be offered care, affection, protection and love.


1Q Sapro


Andrei Neagu

When we started recording, I was the first artist in line but I felt no pressure, it was mostly an honour to be invited to take part in this project together with artists I respect. I hope the song will help spread the message that each one of us can make a contribution, no matter how little but with a huge impact on the lives of the children we tend to forget that exist.


Adrian Mariaș, a.k.a Geagea

This initiative proves once again that music unites people! Even if we belong to different musical genres, we managed to become, together, the voice of those who want to bring a drop of happiness and hope in the lives of deprived children. Congratulations, Alex Bratu! Congratulations, JYSK Romania! You are doing a great job!


Pavel Ulici

It makes me feel good when I can help someone, I like to help others and I think this is one of the main reasons I chose my profession. And every single time I am invited to join such projects, I am happy to accept. I try my best to become less ignorant and to offer my help to those who need it. This is why I was very happy to give a positive answer to the guys from the studio who invited me to record the song Ai nevoie de mine. My experience during recording was very familiar as I was in the studio together with the Hojda sisters with whom I usually spend a lot of time and the talent and professionalism of all those present in the studio made me wish there are going to be other future collaborations!


Laura Mihăilă

One of the main roles of music is to bring people together through empathy. From the outside, one would think that this refers mainly to the melody and/or the lyrics and how these two help the listener to feel understood and in his turn, understand other possible alternatives; but it doesn’t actually stop here. Behind the scenes of music and record production, artists become friends with each other, deep communication ties are born that run deeper than a mere collaboration – and this happens because you cannot make music without emotion and when a few people work together, they contribute with a piece of their souls and their personal emotion to the musical experience which is later felt by those who listen.

This is what happened to us, all those involved in this project, brought together by other passionate people who had the idea that they need to help in a concrete manner not only offer emotional support. Every single artist involved in this project is not only a very powerful personality but also a very complex individual ready to share their knowledge and happy to use their talent in order to help make the world – even slightly- a better place. All these contributed to a very pleasant vibe during the song production-mostly due to those involved.

Creativity, smiles, warmth, mutual understanding and friendship – this is what very talented people share when they get together and work for a project aimed to raise money and bring into the general public s attention the difficult situation of a large number of children – children that need decent living conditions and our involvement in order to grow up and thrive, in order to become strong and capable people who, in turn, could help others.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of a project that is aimed to improve lives and I hope the children that will benefit from this help will become better adults, better than all of us. And of course, it was an honour to work with a group of incredibly talented and big-hearted people.


Alex Bratu


Helping those around us – but most importantly helping those who cannot help themselves – should not be an obligation but rather a state of mind, should come naturally.

Social responsibility has no expiry date, you cannot say the work is done and over. Work in the service of others never ends. The ”I need you” campaign is actually about every one of us and about the way we choose to get involved and help others.



Music and lyrics: Alexandru Bratu (Country Manager, JYSK România and Bulgaria)

Orchestration and musical arrangement: Adrian Tăbăcaru

The campaign, musical production and video are financially supported by JYSK Romania.

Every 9 hours a child is abandoned in state care. After a while (there are no official statistics regarding the exact amount of time a child spends in care) he will either get in maternal care or in an orphanage.

One in three children in Romania lives in dire poverty conditions, with no cloths or footwear, does not go to school or kindergarten and there are days when he hardly gets anything to eat. This is why, parents sometimes chose to leave their children in state care, in orphanages, where they will get food. But will be deprived of affection.

The traumas and devastating consequences of child institutionalisation are among the most terrible forms of abuse and violence. The children that are raised in orphanages have both physical and cognitive development delays as well emotional traumas and difficulty to get socially accepted and integrated.

The young people leaving the state care institutions have problems to become independent and are prone to abuse, exploitation, trafficking and anti-social behaviour.


*You can contribute with a donation of 2 euro/month. To unsubscribe, send HOPE STOP to 8844. There is no VAT for donations sent from subscribers.

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