Every year, approximately 4.000 young people, aged between 18 and 27, leave institutional care without being prepared, or having very limited skills, for an independent life. And the personnel that interacts with them often lacks the skills to help them overcome this gap. 

Unprepared and on their own after a life spent in institutional care, young people are not able to perform daily tasks. Their communication abilities are underdeveloped, their self esteem is low and they have attitude and behaviour issues. They have difficulties in establishing meaningful relationships and they are at risk for exploitation.

The young people who leave the orphanage feel alone and isolated in a foreign world. 

In our social and professional integration programme, we work to improve independent life skills through counselling and financial support. We build the premises for professional integration, through counselling, mediation and recommendations, and we provide housing with the help of local authorities. 

Since 2002, when we began this programme, we have supported the social reintegration of 1.015 young people.

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The story of Radu