The funds raised in the Andra for Hope charity concert will help several families to keep their children home.

On December 5, Andra held a concert entitled “Andra for Hope”, to support the families that are part of the Hope and Homes for Children child-family separation prevention programme. Andreea Esca, Luminița Anghel, Călin Goia, Andi Moisescu and Alex Velea joined her on stage and together they sang Romanian and international Christmas carols and songs. The artists were accompanied by the Romanian Sinfonietta Orchestra, conducted by Andrei Tudor, by the children’s ensemble Cor cu Dor, conducted by Teodora Jaworski, and by the vocal group Acapella, coordinated by George Miron. The funds raised in the event will help several families to keep their children home instead of abandoning them in orphanages. Andra for Hope was presented by Kaufland Romania.

Dragoș Bucurenci, the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation development director, opened the event by thanking Andra for the concert and her pro bono involvement. Then, there followed a moment of silence dedicated to the memory of King Michael I of Romania. The concert lasted for two hours and offered the 700 members of the audience the chance to experience a musical feast offered by Andra and her guests. At the end, the audience cheered minutes on end, impressed by Andra’s unique heartfelt rendition of the songs, as well as by the surprise guests who joined the singer in unprecedented duets. The concert will be broadcast by PRO TV at Christmas time.  

The concert included Romanian and international Christmas carols and songs, with musical pieces orchestrated by composer and pianist Andrei Tudor. Together with Călin Goia, lead singer of Voltaj, Andra sang Nu doar de ziua mea (Not only on my birthday), a song where the two singers speak about harmony within the family and a better relationship with one’s parents that goes beyond occasional contact. An emotional moment was the Andra – Andreea Esca duo, together the two celebrities sang the well-known Romanian carol Sus la poarta Raiului (Up at Heaven’s Gate) accompanied by the children in the Cor cu Dor, conducted by Teodora Jaworski. Andra also sang the famous Let It Snow together with Andi Moisescu, host of the Apropo TV show on PRO TV. Andra was joined by Alex Velea (All I Want for Christmas is You) and Luminița Anghel (for the carol Din ceruri ninge alb – White snow from the heavens).

 “At Christmas time, we are all happy to be sitting around the Christmas tree with our families, with our children, parents, grandparents and friends; but, unfortunately, there are many families in Romania who simply cannot afford to keep their children within the family and must place them into the public childcare system. It is for these families that we are here, and we will be able to give these children the greatest gift of all: being with their parents”, said Andrea Esca on the Romanian Athenaeum stage.

“Many wonderful, talented and big-hearted people were up here on the stage with me. I thank them all for having accepted my invitation to make this Christmas better for poor families. Each carol was a prayer for those children who risk being abandoned because of poverty. We are their hope”, Andra said.

The following celebrities and public figures decided to support vulnerable children in Romania and Hope and Homes for Children and joined the event: Zoli Toth, George Buhnici (PRO TV I like IT host), Magda Pălimariu (PRO TV weather anchor), Melania Medeleanu, fashion stylist Adina Buzatu, Marius Pancu (Digi24), Daniel Buzdugan (Radio ZU).

In Romania, 39% of children live in poverty, and very often this means that they end up in orphanages. The Hope and Homes for Children Foundation has been active in Romania for more than 20 years; in this time, the Foundation has struggled to help disadvantaged families to keep their children close instead of abandoning them in state institutions, where they grow up lacking the love and warmth of a family. Through the efforts of Hope and Homes for Children and their partners, almost 5,000 children have left the orphanages, and another 912 will leave the institutions that are currently being closed down.

“This concert marks a successful year for Hope and Homes for Children. We are ending this year with more happy children and united families, with a larger number of people whose lives we have improved. This concert brings us closer to the soul of Romanians, because they understand more and more what social responsibility is. I want to thank Andra for being part of the miracle that we are moulding together: her voice, our belief that each child belongs with their family, the audience’s support, all this is saving children from a childhood without parents.” said Ștefan Dărăbuș, Hope and Homes for Children regional director for Central and South Europe.

The Andra for Hope Concert was presented by Kaufland Romania.

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