On November 4th, 37 runners joined Team Hope, the fundraising team of runners on behalf of Hope and Homes for Children, and participated in the second edition of the Băneasa Forest Run competition.

The runners could choose between the cross race (11 km) and the half-marathon (21 km), and the organizers of Băneasa Forest Run would donate part of the funds gained from registration fees to Hope and Homes for Children.

The runners raised over 13,000 lei. The money will be donated to the Bogza family, a family enrolled in the Hope and Homes for Children programme preventing child- family separation. The family consisting of two parents and six children, aged 1 to 9 years old, lives in a small adobe hut, which is on the verge of collapsing. In spite of being exposed to an unhealthy and dangerous environment due to the inappropriate living condition, children still manage to go to school and kindergarten every day and they are doing well at school. Parents are aware of the importance of education for a better future for their children, but because of the financial situation, the family has entered the programme preventing child-family separation run by Hope and Homes for Children.

Otniela Sandu, finalist in the PRO TV show "Survivor”, was among those who came to run on the layer of leaves in Băneasa forest in order to support the Bogza children. Cătălin Toda won third place in the age category 40-49 in the half-marathon (21 km).

All these runners, as well as the volunteers who supported them at the Team Hope tent and during the race wanted to help the six Bogza children to stay with their parents. The money raised by the Team Hope runners at Băneasa Forest Run will help the Bogza family to enjoy minimum conditions for a decent living. The funds will be used to strengthen the current house, as well as to purchase adequate furniture, clothes, footwear and school supplies for the four children.

Supporters: Uipath, Deutsche Bank, Softelligence, JYSK Romania, City Insurance. Partners: Solaris, Godmother, Fitio, Elevate, Go Party