Birds’ Day, an occasion to be happy and learn new things for the children from ”22 Decembrie” Day Center

April 1st is International Day of Birds and marks the return of migratory birds from the regions where they spent the winter, a phenomenon being which is interesting especially to specialists and lovers of nature and birds. This year, on this beautiful spring day, at the invitation of Professor Alexander Lapos, coordinator of the Ornitholog Club at the Children’s Palace in Baia Mare, children from the "22 Decembrie" Day Centre visited the "Queen Mary" Municipal Park. They had the opportunity to observe birds and learn more about them from a specialist.

The little ones could take a closer look at the birds in park, observing their flight and other behaviors through binoculars or a fixed observer. Curious, each of them wanted to learn more about migratory birds and not only, so there were a lot of questions.

"Why do birds leave the country in winter?", "Why do they come back here again?" "How do they know where their home is?" "Why do storks nest on high pillars?" - these were some of the children's questions, which professor Lapos answered with patience and warmth.

Thank you, Professor Lapos, for the invitation and support! We look forward to the next visit and round of questions and answers!

Text by Sorina Moldovan