The Bordei family includes Anișoara, the mother, and her seven children, Diana, Viorel, Liviu, Sorin, Mădălina, Adrian and Alina, aged between 10 and 23.

After a horrible life alongside an abusive husband, the mother saved her children by running away with them, taking only the clothes they had on.

Nothing discouraged her, not even the first nights in Bucharest, which they spent in a shed, nor the hardships they had to face. With tenacity and optimism, Anișoara managed to quickly find a steady job and rented a two-room apartment, with used and uncomfortable foldout beds, but which she kept very clean. Although Anișoara had had a steady job for more than 8 years, the family was having a very hard time. However, she managed to have her children study piano and cello, foreign languages, tennis or dancing. While also studying to attend university, the older children worked in order to help their mother and siblings.

Anișoara’s dream was to save enough money for the down payment on a house that would be theirs alone. She would rather pay the money that went on the rent to a credit, so that her children could be safe, with a roof over their heads, should anything bad happen to her, especially since they didn’t have anyone else to help them. This is how their situation was when Hope and Homes for Children found out about them, and who have gone to great lengths to find a solution so that the children and their mother could stay together and have a better life.

The first helping hand came from 10 young people united by the same dream: to exceed their limits in order to change destinies. The initiative was called “Kilimanjaro for Hope” and was launched by Radu Negulescu. In February 2015, the 10 young people climbed the Uhuru Peak (5,895 m) in the Kilimanjaro, in order to raise EUR 25,000 and provide this family with a chance to a better life.

The 25,000 Euros raised by Radu and his team represented a part of the necessary money for purchasing an apartment. Hope and Homes for Children supplemented the amount and the Bordei family was going to return the money, over time.

A three-bedroom apartment was chosen as the future home for the family, but it still needed renovation and furniture.

Their dream was going to be fulfilled by the PRO TV team and their show, “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition”.

„When they step into their home, we would like it to be exactly as they dreamt it, maybe even more than that. We would like it to be the complete opposite of what they have now: a mix of used furniture that they have received for free from several neighbours, tables and chairs that are almost crumbling and each bed is shared by four children.”

Ileana Cirț, Social worker, Hope and Homes for Children