Dragoș Bucurenci and Vladimir Drăghia swam together with their team so that Violeta’s family can remain together and move into a new home

On Saturday, June 30, 15 swimmers participated in the Bucharest Swimathon to support the cause of the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation and raised the necessary funds to help a mother and her four children remain together. The swimmers included Dragoș Bucurenci Hope and Homes for Children Development Director, Vladimir Drăghia, Team Hope Ambassador, and actor Alex Călin. The three teams, counting five swimmers each, raised over 21,000 lei to provide Violeta and her four children with decent living conditions.

The 15 Hope and Homes for Children swimmers spread energy and positivity on Saturday, at the 6th edition of the Bucharest Swimathon, at the Dinamo Sports Club Olympic pool. Divided in three teams, the swimmers covered a total of 155 pool lengths, in 45-minute series, motivated by the thought of raising more money to help Violeta’s children have a better life.  

Violeta is a single mum living with her four children aged 6 to 14 in the Prahova county, in a 6-square-metre room, in precarious conditions.  The mother and her children live in a common yard with other family members of Violeta’s but have no legal right to be there and could be evicted at any time. The children’s mum receives welfare benefits amounting to 550 lei per month, which does not even cover the monthly food. This has pushed the family to extreme measures, sometimes the children having to go beg in trains.

Mihai Leontescu, a Home and Homes for Children supporter, was impressed with the difficulties faced by Violeta and her children, so he asked the Foundation to help. Consequently, the children have recently registered with an after school, where they go daily to do their homework, and the youngest one is seeing a speech therapist. The mother would do anything to keep her children and wants to offer them a different future but needs support to overcome the current situation.

Motivated by the desire to help this family, the 15 swimmers mobilised and tried to convince as many people as possible to donate money to offer Violeta and her children the chance to a better life. At the Bucharest Swimathon, teams Hope One, Gabi & Beto and Team Hope swam and tried to cover as many laps as possible in the best possible time. The Team Hope members were Dragoș Bucurenci, Vladimir Drăghia, Vladimir Biasutti, World Class trainer, actor Alex Călin and Cătălin Peterau. The team Hope One members were Daniel Mihalache, Lucian Barbu, Alina Iordache, Viviana Mârza and Ana Maria Stoica, and the team Gabi & Beto members were Mihai Leontescu, Simona Leontescu, Rodica Girigan, Oana Petroff and Vlad Girigan.