Through "Driving my Future", Hope and Homes for Children in partnership with ICT Logistics will help young people leaving child protection system to take advantage of training and then a job in the field of transportation.

ICT Logistics, an important player on the transportation and logistics market in Romania, in partnership with Hope and Homes for Children, have established a partnership through which young people leaving child protection system can benefit from training and then a job in the field of transportation through the programme "Driving My Future". In the first year of partnership, two young people from Iasi and Sibiu were enrolled in the programme.

The programme has four stages during which the selected young people are trained to work as truck drivers. The training takes approximately one year and begins with obtaining the category B driving license, followed by the C and CE categories for driving heavy-duty vehicles and then the professional certificates. During the course and the 6 months of apprenticeship, ICT Logistics covers education and living costs by granting a monthly income.

According to official data, approximately 4,000 young people aged 18 to 27 years old leave the child protection system annually, having little to no training for an independent life.

"Driving My Future is a local initiative of ICT Logistics and started with a pilot project. With the support of the Hope and Homes for Children team, we selected two young people, one from Sibiu and the other from Iași, who have already started the course. We are good at transportation and we want, using the resources we have available, to contribute in our own way and to provide a better and safer future for the young people who enroll in this programme. The job of a truck driver is complex, it takes devotion, dedication and reliability. Furthermore, it is a job that ensures a stable income and a professional opportunity for these young people”, said Mihai Teodorescu, CEO of ICT Logistics Romania.

"The project set up by our partners is an initiative that we were pleased to hear about and to which we immediately said "yes”. Our role is to communicate the opportunity among the young people in the socio-professional integration programme, to select the candidates and counsel them during the whole period of the schooling process. For now, it is a pilot project, but we were pleased to have more than 50 interested candidates, out of which we selected two. Since 2002, when we have started the programmes to support young people leaving child protection system, we have helped over 1,000 young people to successfully integrate into society” explained Ștefan Dărăbuș, Regional Director, Central and South Europe, Hope and Homes for Children.

"Driving My Future" will be evaluated by our partners at the end of 2019, and, provided that its goals have been achieved, it will be developed nationwide and will be proposed for implementation in the international ICT Logistics network.

Through the socio-professional integration programme, Hope and Homes for Children supports the improvement of independent living skills through counselling and financial support and opens the way to labour market integration through counselling, mediation and recommendations.

Hope and Homes for Children report presents the activities and results achieved by the organization in 2017, as well as information about the foundation's sponsors and supporters. The material was created by the creative team at CNS Factory, based on the visual identity of the organization, and it consists of 4 parts describing the main activity fields of the foundation: closing down old-type institutions, preventing child- family separation, socio-professional integration of young people and reform of child protection institutions.

The material was printed in 1,500 copies (1,000 in Romanian and 500 in English) and was distributed at Hope Concert, the annual charity event, and at other fundraising and sport events organised by Hope and Homes for Children. It was also sent to the foundation’s most important sponsors and partners.

As part of the evaluation process of the 2018 Inspire Awards Corporate Publishing Competition, the Hope and Homes for Children report was held in high regard for both its concept and design and its text, relevance and creativity. The jury analysed the materials submitted only based on their merits, regardless of the size of the organizations, their activity field, income or other factors.

The annual LACP Vision Awards competition is worldwide recognized as one of the most important competitions in the field of annual reports. In 2018, at the 6th edition of the LACP Awards, the 2017 annual report of Hope and Homes for Children Romania received the Bronze Award, ranking 86th in the top 100 Communications Materials.