Hope and Homes for Children and Farmexpert announce the results of the first year of strategic partnership, during which 61 children at risk of being separated from the family were helped to stay with their families. The measures to prevent abandon targeted 20 families from Bucharest, Brașov, Sibiu and Suceava, who were helped to stay together.

The partnership between the Foundation and Farmexpert, one of the most important distributors of drugs and para-pharmaceutical products in Romania, will continue in 2019.
Through the strategic partnership concluded in November 2017, Farmexpert has invested 40,000 euro to support 61 vulnerable children enrolled, together with their families, in the programme preventing child-family separation. The average cost to support a child at risk of abandonment to stay with the family is about 700 euro annually, while the Romanian Government spends the same amount monthly with a child who arrives in the orphanage. The 61 children come from 20 families in very

difficult situations, families who have received help to keep their children. They were supported not to drop out of school and families were given the necessary support to improve living conditions.

The interventions conducted within the partnership focused on thermal insulation and renovation of the house, roof repair where needed, purchase of stoves necessary for heating and cooking, purchase of firewood, improvement of food resources or support with the payment of the rent for an established time period. Families received personal hygiene and sanitary products, and children were provided with school supplies, clothes and footwear appropriate to their age and needs. Parents were counselled to take on parental responsibilities, to find and maintain a job meant to ensure their financial independence. Where appropriate, physically and emotionally abused mothers were counselled by the Foundation's specialists.

“Health and education are the main pillars of the strategy promoted by Farmexpert in the CSR area. We have decided to continue the partnership with Hope and Homes for Children because we believe it is extremely important that any child in need of support should remain with their family and enjoy the best start in life, as well as an adequate education." — Iulian Trandafir, Farmexpert Chief Executive

"We are grateful to our partners at Farmexpert for continuing to stand by our side and to support us in our work to prevent children from being separated from their families. Thanks to our partners and many other generous people who support Hope and Homes for Children, hundreds of vulnerable children have the chance to stay with their families, together with their parents, where they get the attention any child deserves, where they are surrounded by love and supported to follow their dreams. If these children are given access to education, they will be able to aspire to a career and in this way it will be easier for them to become an active part of the society.” — Ștefan Dărăbuș, Regional Director, Central and South Europe, Hope and Homes for Children

The first year of partnership between Farmexpert and Hope and Homes for Children also included financing Hope Concert 2018, the Foundation's annual charity concert. The strategic partnership between Hope and Homes for Children and Farmexpert will continue in 2019. They will be still focusing on the programme preventing children from being separated from their families.

Farmexpert is engaged in social responsibility programmes and campaigns, conducted to improve living conditions in communities where any support is welcome. Constantly dedicated to social actions and actively participating in charitable events, Farmexpert is one of the important players trying to provide decent living alternatives to those who need such opportunities.