With the support of Farmexpert, 60 children risking abandonment will remain with their families.

Farmexpert, one of the major medicine and para-pharmaceutical distributor in Romania, has joined Hope and Homes for Children as a strategic partner by investing 40,000 EUR in the Foundation’s child-family separation prevention programme. With the support of Farmexpert, 60 children risking abandonment will be able to remain with their families.

The partnership between the medicine distributor and Hope and Homes for Children will last for one year and will see the implementation of measures to prevent and solve abandonment risk situations for 60 children in three different counties and in Bucharest. The average cost to support a child risking abandonment is 700 EUR per year, while the state spends the same amount for a child in an orphanage on a monthly basis.

Throughout the years, Hope and Homes for Children has developed the Active Family Support programme, which identifies families where there is an immediate risk of child abandonment and intervene with psychological, sanitary, social and material support to stabilise the situation and to prevent abandonment.   Over 80% of the vulnerable families whose cases have been taken over by Hope and Homes for Children suffer from at least one element related to the children’s or the parents’ poor health or to school abandonment. Many times, when the family is socially and economically vulnerable, the children are affected the most, as the parents simply cannot cope with their constant needs. In such cases, it is not necessarily the material difficulties that are the most serious, but the lack of basic, but relevant education and counselling. In such situations, the children are increasingly neglected, the parents very often separate, and the parent who remains with the children cannot care for them properly; consequently, the children abandon school and then, if there is no intervention, they end up in orphanages. The child-family separation prevention programme was launched in 2001 and, since then, the Foundation has worked with over 3,000 families and around 9,000 children were helped directly to remain with their families; for another 18,000, the Foundation contributed with technical and financial assistance to prevent their separation from the families.

“We are happy to have Farmexpert on our side as a strategic partner and we are grateful to them for supporting us in our child-family separation prevention programme. Due to their support, 60 children will grow up with their parents, as indeed any child has the right to and should grow up. In this way, we can continue our programme and give as many children as possible the chance to the best start in life, surrounded by the care and love of a family”, said Ștefan Dărăbuș, Hope and Homes for Children regional director for Central and South Europe.

“We believe strongly that any child deserves a family, support, education. We want to help and contribute permanently both to improving social life and to maintaining decent living conditions in the communities around us, so our involvement with Hope and Homes for Children is continuing the series of Farmexpert social responsibility projects. Furthermore, we consider it absolutely necessary to contribute by actively participating in CSR projects, in an attempt to provide alternatives for a better life”, said Iulian Trandafir, Farmexpert Director General. 

Farmexpert is involved in social responsibility programmes and campaigns aimed at improving conditions in communities where any help is welcome. Constantly dedicated to social activities and an active participant in charity events, Farmexpert is one of the major actors trying to provide decent living alternatives to those who are in need of such chances.