The sessions are part of a financial education programme that KRUK Romania runs for Hope and Homes for Children.

Early November, specialists from KRUK Romania, member of the international financial group KRUK, held three financial seminars for children and young people in Hope and Homes for Children programmes in Bucharest, Botoșani and Dorohoi. Children had the opportunity to learn the mechanisms of a financially responsible lifestyle and to find out how they can create and manage a monthly budget. The 60 young people, who attended the seminars, live in "Robin Hood" Foster Care Centre in Sector 4 in Bucharest, in residential homes "Casa mea", "Amicii" and "Floare de colț" in Dorohoi and "Cireșarii" and "Prietenia” Foster Care Centres in Botoșani.

The KRUK specialists explained to the young people basic financial concepts about budget, loan components and the implications of a loan. They learned about the importance of saving money and budget planning, about aspects to be considered when applying for a loan at a financial institution, and how to calculate rates and interest for a loan. Moreover, the seminars also included practical exercises during which students were able to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired.

The young people who attended the financial courses offered by the KRUK Romania trainers said that the seminars were very useful. They appreciated especially the information on budget planning and management, the importance of saving money and aspects to consider when they want to take out a bank loan.

The most important thing is to distinguish between desire and necessity, to ask ourselves whether we need something or we simply want that thing. It is good to buy those goods or services that we need for a good living. As far as desires are concerned, it would be advisable to evaluate first and try to take them into account when the budget allows us, without over indebtedness. A well-balanced lifestyle and a responsible approach to spending is a recipe that any of us can use, through self- discipline”, said Claudiu Bud, Sales Manager KRUK Romania.

The partnership also included a financial course held in Suceava for the staff involved in the implementation of Hope and Homes for Children programmes: educators, psychologists, social workers, employees at the Public Services for Social Care, at the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection, at the County Employment Agency, etc.

The partnership between KRUK Romania and Hope and Homes for Children focuses on three segments: child-family separation prevention, socio-professional integration for young people leaving child protection system and professional training for staff in the protection system and offering assistance to the Child Protection Directorates with which the Foundation collaborates.