Hope and Homes for Children and JYSK Romania, a strategic partner of the Foundation, run the “I need you” campaign in June, in order to raise awareness of the need to close down foster care centres and offer a proper childhood to the children living there.

The initiator of the campaign is Alex Bratu, Country Manager for JYSK Romania and Bulgaria and Hope and Homes for Children Board Member, who also composed and wrote the lyrics of a song dedicated to children in foster care centres – “I need you”. By means of this song, Alex Bratu and 10 other artists, united under the name “Friends of Hope and Homes” inspire people to make good deeds in June – a two euro donation per month through SMS towards the Hope and Homes for Children contributes to the process of closing down foster care centres in Romania and finding

better alternatives for the children living there, one of them being the construction of small group homes.

“Doing good deeds for people around you and especially for people deprived of opportunities in life must not be felt as an obligation, but as a way of life, a state of mind. Social responsibility does not come with a fixed deadline or a date after which we can say we have successfully fulfilled our duty. Helping others is an ongoing process. The «I need you» campaign is about each and one of us and how we understand the social responsability we have been given.” Alex Bratu, Country Manager, JYSK Romania and Bulgaria

The artists Alexandra Ungureanu, Alexandra-Maria Hojda, Ligia Hojda, Flavia Hojda, Laura Mihăilă, 1Q Sapro, Adrian Mariaș (aka Geagea), Pavel Ulici, Marius Popa and Andrei Neagu have accepted Alex Bratu’s invitation, voicing the issues of children in foster care centres who need and deserve a proper childhood and a better future. The musical arrangement and the orchestration are done by Adrian Tăbăcaru.

“Good deeds transposed in music. Charity. This is what the «I need you» campaign is all about. It is extraordinary when the representatives of a company put forward these types of initiatives through which they try to help the most vulnerable children in Romania, our children, everyone’s children. Let us give them the chance to live the childhood they deserve, in the month when we celebrate children and childhood. The way we manage to ease their paths says a lot about who we are as a nation.” – Dragoș Bucurenci, Head of Development, Hope and Homes for Children

The campaign will run during the entire month of June and for every two euro donated through SMS during this period, JYSK Romania will donate another two.