The children from the Hope and Homes for Children programmes learnt to ski and skate on the International Snow Day

On January 15th and 16th, 46 children from several small group homes in Maramures County enjoyed the snow and the cold weather and had their first encounter with the winter sports as part of the 6th edition of the TuSport Snow Day, organised by TuSport, under the umbrella of the International Ski Federation. The children learnt to ski and they went sledding down the Icoana ski slope in Cavnic (Maramures County) and enjoyed very much to skate on the skating rink in the Old Centre of Baia Mare. 

On the International Snow Day, the children’s fun lasted for 2 days. On the first day (January the 15th) on the Icoana ski slope in Cavnic, 24 children and young adults from Ardusat, Sălsig and “Alba Iulia 25” SGHs became familiar with the skis, under the watchful eyes of the ski instructors. Once they learnt the proper positions and movements, the skiers enjoyed several hours of fun on the slope. The others used this time to perfect their sledding skills. In the end they were tired, but happy and they all agreed they would like to repeat this wonderful experience as soon as possible.

On January the 16th, it was other children’s turn to have fun, this time at the skating rink in the Old Centre of Baia Mare. 22 children and young adults from ”Dealul Florilor”, ”Cehov” and ”Griviței 37” SGHs put on their skates and slid on the ice, some of them for the first time. They all enjoyed the time spent together and showed each other how well they could stay on the skates, despide the cold and the small accidents that are inevitable for beginners.

Children from ordinary families enjoy snow, the sled, skates and skis during winter. Because we want to give the children without a family a nice childhood, we believe that they should equally enjoy the winter and snow. We support them and prepare them for life through sport and the ski slope and skating rink are places where they can interact with other children and play together. Open-air activities and hikes are part of their wonderdul memories now, just like for any other child.” - Ștefan Dărăbuș, Regional Director Central and Southern Europe, Hope and Homes for Children.

Through our partnership with Hope and Homes for Children, which we would like to last a long time, we want to give the less fortunate children to become familiar with sports activities - both during winter and in the summer - and to spend time in nature. These experiences and memories are very precious, both for them and for us and we enjoy being with them” – Tudor Bogdan, TuSport.  

In the end, all the children received diplomas and some sweets from the TuSport and Hope and Homes for Children teams. The children’s transport was provided by the Maramures CPD, Hope and Homes for Children and Baia Mare International Airport, who provided a minivan with a driver.

TuSport Snow Day is part of the international campaign “World Snow Day” initiated by the International Ski Federation. The 2016 edition of this event gathered 586,000 participants at the 645 events organised in 45 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. This is the largest one-day event for winter sports in the world. The objectives of the International Snow Day are to attract children to practice winter sports (alpine skiing, snowboarding, skating), promoting health through practicing winter sports, attracting parents towards physical activities with their children and also raising awareness regarding the environment.