Children and young adults learn the secrets of cooking

In the small group homes in Baia Mare (Maramures County) and at the “22 Decembrie” Day Centre we do activities through which the children and young adults can acquire independent living skills before they leave the child protection system. It is important, especially for young adults, to acquire these skills, because most of them have not been involved in such activities when they were younger and they could use neither the method of imitating adults – as there was no family model available to them – nor the “trial and error” one (because they received too many things that were already done for them or they were forced to accept predetermined conditions, or, in some cases, they were not motivated enough to search for a solution themselves).

Recently, we carried out a culinary activity in 2 SGHs and at the “22 Decembrie” Day Centre, in which children and young adults took the first steps in the magical world of cooking. In one of the homes, the children requested to cook pasta with pesto, ham and cheese and in the second one they asked for chicken rolls. The children from the day centre made a fruit salad with yoghurt and chocolate. All of them appreciated the dishes they cooked and they enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together, to joke with one another or listen to their daily stories. Each child was involved in a cooking-related activity – peeling vegetables, preparing the sos and the rest of the food and the fruit salad.

All children are willing to learn these things and, together with the educators from the SGHs, we want to be as helpful as possible in teaching them these skills that are so important for independent living and a happy future as adults.