Celebrities and ordinary people chose to fast with a purpose and help poor children

At the beginning of the Christmas Fast, Hope and Homes for Children launched the “Sharing is Caring” campaign through which they want to give the fasting time a purpose and to challenge people to fast for one day and then donate the value of the meals they were supposed to eat that day to the children who life with less than 5 lei/day. The authors of the creative concept of the campaign and the site were Cohn & Jansen JWT, with help from Atelieru, and illustrations by Vali Petridean. 

Until now, more than 300 people joined the campaign – celebrities, journalists, public figures and also ordinary people, who virtually gave up eating for one day to help children who live in poverty. The campaign was initiated by Amalia Enache, PRO TV journalist, Dragoș Bucurenci, presenter of the “Survivor” show on PRO TV and spokesperson of Hope and Homes for Children, Ștefan Dărăbuș, Regional Director for Central and Southern Europe of Hope and Homes for Children and Magor Csibi, Programmes Director of WWF Romania. They were joined by actress Oana Pellea, Corina Caragea, sports news presenter on PRO TV, Vladimir Drăghia, musician Zoli Toth, actor Marius Manole, coach Cori Grămescu, Raluca Arvat, news presenter on TVR2, Alin ”Coiotu” Dincă, singer with the Trooper band and DJ at Rock FM, Otto Sestak, National Director Hope and Homes for Children Romania, who also challenged other people to support this initiative. Up to this point, more than 1,500 dishes and drinks were donated on the online platform “rostulpostului.ro” and up to 20,000 lei were raised from donations.  

39% of Romanian children live in poverty, some of them with less than 5 lei/day. There are days when some of them don’t get to eat at all. This is what makes most parents leave their children in state care, in orphanages, where they have food, but they are deprived of affection. Through the “Sharing is Caring” campaign, Hope and Homes for Children wants to give a purpose to the fasting period before Christmas. With the help of its supporters, the organization urges people to fast for one day and donate the value of those meals to the children who live with less money than one pays for a cup of coffee.

Hope and Homes for Children is an NGO whose programmes aim to replace the institutionalized child protection system with a family-based one, but also to prevent the separation of children from their family when they live in poverty. Attachment, individual attention, love and stimulation are essential for every child’s harmonious development, 

Fasting only only has a very important spiritual significance, but the scientists proved that it is very beneficial for one’s health. I urge you to fast for one day before Christmas this year. In Romania, there are children who spend only 4 lei/day on food and there are days when they don’t even have this luxury. Together with Hope and Homes for Children Romania, I urge you to give purpose to this fasting period and the money we would have spent on food on that day to redirect it towards a child instead.”, said Amalia Enache, PRO TV journalist and Hope and Homes for Children Ambassador.

Around 1,600,000 children in our country live in poverty and suffer from hunger, together with their parents. We have a total of 9 million people living in poverty in Romania at the moment. Of these, about 9,000 children suffer from malnutrition every year and more than 100 of them literally die of hunger. In order to show that we care about them, we decided to start this campaign and I would like to ask you to fast for one day and donate the money you would have spent on the food – today or in the following days – on the campaign’s website: rostulpostului.ro. The money we will raise will reach families battling poverty in our country”, said Ștefan Dărăbuș, Regional Director, Central and Southern Europe, Hope and Homes for Children. 

Those who wish to support the campaign can access www.rostulpostului.ro, where they can choose the food and the dishes they would have eaten in one day. There, they can put together a meal with main courses, drinks and desserts. The system automatically calculates the value of the meals and, once the user writes down their name, they are directed to a secure page on which the payment can be made online. Up to this point, more than 300 people chose to support the campaign and donated about 20,000 lei, which is the price of more than 1,500 dishes and drinks. The campaign continues until December 24th (Christmas Eve).