Hope and Homes for Children Romania, as beneficiary of the project “Integrated measures in the field of education for 840 children and 260 young adults: Education for the future!” financed through the Human Potential Operational Programme 2014-

2020 will organise a tender procurement process applicable to social services and other catering/food specific services.

Followed procedure: tender procedure applicable to the social services and other specific services – own procedure, in accordance to art. 68(2)b) of Law No 98/2016, as subsequently amended and supplemented

COGS code – 55524000-9 catering services for schools

Subject of the contract: The subject of the tender is the acquisition of catering services neccesary to implement the project “Integrated measures in the field of education for 840 children and 260 young adults: Education for the future!” Contract POCU/74/6/18/105525

Duration of the contract: from the date of its signature by both parties until 20.05.2021 at the latest.

Maximum estimated value: 717.137,61 lei

Financing source Contract nr. POCU//74/6/18/105525

Award criterion: the lowest rate

The related documentation can be downloaded from here.

The deadline for submitting the offers is 10.05.2019, 14.00, at Hope and Homes for Children Foundation’s office, bd. București, nr. 2A, Baia Mare, Maramureș.

Contractual requirements: the services shall be provided with due observance of the requirements stated in the contract documents, contract notice and financing contract.

Conditions for participation:
1. The tenderers shall present the following documents
- Copy of the fiscal registration document, certified as conforming to the original;

- Confirmation of company details, original or copy certified as conforming to the original, valid when submitting the tender application, issued by the Trade Register Office, or equivalent (e.g. Extract from the Register of Associations and Foundations), certifying that the economic operator has a NACE code in his sector of activity, in accordance with the nature of the contract to be signed.

- Criminal record of the economic operator and the members on the administration and management team of the said economic operator, or of the persons having powers of representation or decision making, as indicated in the Confirmation of company details issued by ONRC/ Extract from the Register of Associations and Foundations/ Articles of Association/ statute.

  • -  The filled out forms attached to this call

  • -  Authorisation from the Department of Public Health (DSP);

  • -  Authorisation from the Sanitary Veterinary Department (for catering)

  • -  Health authorisation for means of transport (DSV or DSP);

  • -  Contract of service for the disinfection of the catering vehicle;

  • -  Self-check plan for 2019;

  • -  An analysis report for a minumum of three dishes – Food safety (2018 from self- check);

- - 2.

D.D.D contract (Disinfestation, Disinsection and Disinfection); ISO Certification (9001:2015, 14001:2015, 22000:2015);

Similar experience

A list with main similar instances when such services have been provided over the last years. Presenting the list with the main public service contracts concluded in the last three years, listing the nr. and date of the contract, value, beneficiaries, the share the provider was reponsible for, regardless of whether the beneficiaries were public or private, proving that similar services were provided. The economic operators must provide proof that in the past three years, they have provided similar services with a combined value or 717.137,61 lei excluding VAT, under one or several contracts.

Method of compliance: The documentary evidence proving the compliance with the obligations undertaken when filling in the catering services list are the contracts proving the provider has provided or is providing catering services, the delivery minutes, invoices or estimates for provision of services etc. proving the full compliance with the contract;

Offers shall be sent to the following address: bd. București, nr. 2A, Baia Mare, Maramureș.

Procurement manager:
Teodora Alexandra Paula Buşecan