Hope and Homes for Children is a global foundation, established in 1994 by Mark Cook and his wife, Caroline. At first, they wanted to build an organisation that aimed to repair and rebuild the orphanages that were destroyed during the Bosnian War. Working with children in orphanages, they came to realise that they had needs that could not be fulfilled in such institutions - what the children needed was the love and safety of a family. 

Today, Hope and Homes for Children implements programmes to reform state child protection systems and to prevent the separation of children from their families in 30 countries across Europe, Africa and South America, through its local branches or through partners.


We began developing projects in Romania in 1998; a year later, we succeeded in closing down our first orphanage - Cavnic, from Maramureș county. We focus our efforts on closing down the old-type child protection institutions in Romania, and on replacing the institutional system with one that is based on the concept of family. Ever since the beginning of our Foundation, we have been working together with the state authorities to reform the child protection system - we've worked alongside local and regional councils, child protection services and ministries, to guarantee the sustainability of the social services we design.

In 21 years of activity, we closed down 55 orphanages, we took 5.185 children out of institutional care and we have prevented the separation of 28.436 children from their families.