Senior Management 

Familia HHC_Mark Waddington.png

Mark Waddington

Chief Executive Officer

Familia HHC_Personaj.png

Delia Pop

Director of Programmes and Global Advocacy

Familia HHC_Stefan Darabus.png

Ștefan Dărăbuș

Regional Director, Central and Southern Europe

Familia HHC_Dragos Bucurenci.png

Dragoș Bucurenci

Director of Development

Familia HHC_Bianca Stegeran.png

Bianca Stegeran

National Deputy Director


Training, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Department

Familia HHC_Jutka Kristian.png

Jutka Kristian


Familia HHC_Adrian Oros.png

Adrian Oros

Programme Officer

Familia HHC_Personaj.png

Mihaela Koblicica

Programme Officer

Familia HHC_Ioana Herteg.png

Ioana Herțeg

Programme Officer

Familia HHC_Cecilia Repede.png

Cecilia Repede

Training programmes Administrator


Fundraising and Communications Department

Foto_Echipa_Vignettes_Robert Ion.png

Robert Ion

Director of Fundraising

Foto_Echipa_Vignettes_Nicoleta Marcu.png

Nicoleta Marcu

Head of Fundraisings

Familia HHC_Anamaria Bogdan.png

Anamaria Bogdan

Head of Communications

Foto_Echipa_Vignettes_Gabriela Ciripială.png

Gabriela Ciripială

Individual Donors and Volunteers Coordinator

Foto_Echipa_Vignettes_Violeta Rusu.png

Violeta Rusu

Corporate Donors Coordinator

Foto_Echipa_Vignettes_Daniel Mihalache.png

Raluca Borcea

Communications and Events Coordinator

Daniel Mihalache

Corporate Donors Coordinator


Quality Assurance and Psychology Department

Foto_Echipa_Vignettes_Anamaria Vid Pop.png

Anamaria Vid-Pop

Department Manager

Familia HHC_Gabriela Ghiroltean.png

Diana Bocșițan


Familia HHC_Oana Nascu.png

Oana Nașcu


Familia HHC_Teodora Darabus.png

Teodora Dărăbuș


Familia HHC_Gabi Rosus.png

Gabriela Rosuș


Familia HHC_Talida Hotea.png

Talida Hotea

Physio Therapist

Familia HHC_Sorina Moldovan.png

Sorina Moldovan


Familia HHC_Terezia Silaghi.png

Terezia Silaghi



Social Work Department

Familia HHC_Radu Tohatan.png

Radu Tohătan

Department Manager

Familia HHC_Cosmina Fratu.png

Cosmina Fratu

Social Worker

Familia HHC_Personaj.png

Carmen Rus

Social Worker

Familia HHC_Camelia Arba.png

Camelia Arba

Social Worker

Familia HHC_Florina Cretar.png

Florina Crețar

Social Worker

Familia HHC_Ileana Cirt.png

Ileana Cirt

Social Worker


Administrative - Financial Department

Familia HHC_Anca Sturz.png

Anca Sturz

Department Manager

Familia HHC_Delia Oros.png

Delia Oros


Familia HHC_Gabriela Tohatan.png

Gabriela Tohătan


Familia HHC_Gheorghe Lar.png

Gheorghe Lar


Familia HHC_Voichita Bencze.png

Voichi Bencze


Familia HHC_Mihai Pop.png

Mihai Pop


Familia HHC_Teodor Ciceo.png

Teodor Ciceo

Construction Engineer

Familia HHC_Mircea Tascu.png

Mircea Tașcu


Familia HHC_Bianca Pop.png

Reka Filip

HR Manager