39% of children in Romania live in poverty; they have no clothes and no shoes, they don't attend school and, in some days, they have nothing to eat. Thus, parents often choose to leave their children in institutional care - in orphanages - where they will receive food. But also, where they will be deprived of affection.

We believe that, in a child's interest, family comes first. Therefor, we support keeping children with their parents, through a diverse approach on assistance. Each of our action plans is personalised, each decision made by specialists takes into account individual criteria and indicators.  

We have worked with over 3.000 families across 23 counties and Bucharest. We have helped 8.771 children to remain with their families and we have contributed, through technical and financial assistance, to prevent the abandonment of another 17.727 children.

Our abandonment prevention programme is complementary and essential to our closing down old-type institutions programme because, as children are taken out of orphanages, it is important that no other children take their place.

In the past 17 years, due to our interventions, 28.436 children have remained with their families.

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