Every year, you have the possibility to donate 20% of your profit tax towards Hope and Homes for Children. 

If you own a company, you should know that, at the end of every year, you can choose to support the most vulnerable children and youth in Romania - those who have no parents, those who are trapped in orphanages, those who are institutionalised due to poverty or chronic illness and those who are at risk of being separated from their families.

You can support our programmes by donating 20% of your profit tax towards Hope and Homes for Children. And it comes with no additional costs.


How does it work:

Companies can redirect 20% of their profit tax towards non-profit organisations, through a sponsorship contract, given that the value of their sponsorship is less than 5‰ of their annual turnover or 20% of their due profit tax. 

For the amounts that exceed these limits, the company can deduct the difference in the next fiscal period (up to 7 years). The sponsorship can be granted yearly or quarterly, and it can be deducted from the profit tax due for the reference period. 

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If you have decided to get involved, your next step is to sign a sponsorship contract; you can download a draft using the button bellow, and, if you have questions, you can contact Robert Ion, who is the Head of Fundraising (robert@hopeandhomes.ro). 


Thank you for joining our cause!