Most of the time, the stories of the teenagers from Hope and Homes for Children’s programmes stay in the hearts of those who provide help. This is also true in the case of Miruna Faur, the young woman who was enrolled in the socio-professional integration programme carried out by Hope and Homes for Children. Only 20 years old, Miruna seems to have already had several lives.

At barely 3, she was taken into an emergency shelter centre, together with her twin brother. Until she became 11 years old, several maternal assistants took care of her. Miruna likes to remember that time, because she started going to school, liked it, and had good grades.

However, her fate changed as she returned to her biological family. Her parents no longer allowed her to go to school, so she did not go further than the 5th grade. The relationship with her parents worsened with time, as her father was aggressive and had no interest to financially support the family.

He forced Miruna to take care of the family, do chores, but also be a day worker to provide the necessary for the whole family. When she could not gather enough money, her father would beat her. This is why, for some time now, Miruna is in a private centre for victims of domestic abuse. However, she was told she could not stay much longer there, so her future was again uncertain, as she had nobody to ask for help, not even her brother. Despite working as a hairdresser, he cannot provide financial support to his sister.

Miruna’s case was recently brought to the attention of Hope and Homes for Children. After the Foundation’s experts assessed her situation, she was enrolled in the socio-professional integration programme.

While enrolled in the programme, she received support (information, guidance, company, etc.) for finding and securing a home for rent, of which 6 months were paid in advance. She was also counselled to keep her actual job which provides her with a steady income and allows her to have some savings. She will subsequently be able to cover the rent and living expenses.

Miruna was also informed and counselled to develop trust in the services and experts of agencies for victims of domestic abuse and in the services of a therapist and lawyer. Lastly, she was informed and counselled about adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (hygiene, food, physical and emotional environment, access to services, medication, etc.) and was instructed on how to contact a general practitioner when needed.

Most importantly, starting this autumn Miruna will be able to resume her studies due to the programme “A doua șansă” (The second chance). Her dream came true.

This intervention is part of the socio-professional integration programme carried out by Hope and Homes for Children since 2002. Through this programme, 1015 young people were helped to successfully integrate in society. From 2017, one of the programme’s funders is KRUK România.