Some children grow up too fast because of the daily worries they face from a very young age. Therefore we try to give them back their childhood, and try to help them forget about their problems at least for one day.

Recently, the children who attend ”Bucium” Day Centre from Iași county had a surprise: a day at an ice-skating rink followed by a treat…with cookies. Their favourite ones.

The activity was initiated by the teachers who work with gifted students coming from vulnerable families and HHC Romania was a partner to this activity. The teachers called the project: ”Beauty on ice” and the purpose was to offer these children a day of complete relaxation as a reward for the great marks the children have at school.

”With this project we wanted to make a nice surprise for the children and to reward their efforts, because even if they have many problems at home, they still learn very well. The children were very happy at the skating rink, considering that some of them have never skated before. Gradually they learned how to skate and also learned new things about this beautiful winter sport.  Such outings are also a good opportunity to strengthen the bond between us, as teachers and the children. ” said Andreea Corodescu, the coordinator of the Day Centre.       

This experience was followed by a well-deserved treat held at a cake shop, where the children were encouraged to choose their favourite cookies.

We had an excellent time! The ice-skating experience was great, but we also enjoyed the cookies” said one of the girls.

The teachers were very involved in this project and constantly encouraged and praised the children. For the children it was a day not to be forgotten and they already say that they are looking forward for the next outing. 

”This was a successful day. I did not expect to get used to the skating rink so fast. It was very funny, we laughed at our falls. We had a different day together and it was good for us all. We are looking forward to have such opportunities in the future as well.” said another child.

”Bucium” Day Centre was refurbished  by Hope and Homes for Children in partnership with BRD Groupe Societe Generale and it was developed and specialized for gifted children coming from families with a social risk from Iași county. We intended to offer complex services provided in an integrated way, to be able to prevent school abandonment, to capitalize the cognitive and creative potential of children with high-performing skills who come from vulnerable families. ”Bucium” Day Centre is the only Centre in Iași county that offers gifted children, but with poor material situation, the possibility to have a better future.   

The Centre was opened in 2017, and currently more than 30 children between 7 and 14 attend its classes.


Text by Sorina Moldovan