Cornelia and Gavril built a wonderful family 20 years ago and have two daughters together. Unfortunately, their elder daughter caused much suffering  As a mother of three children between 4 and 7, she never cared about their fate. She left to work abroad without telling her family, abandoning her children in hospital. As such, she was deprived of her parental rights and the children risked being taken in care by the state.

Saddened by the recklessness and lack of interest of their daughter, even though their material situation is not too good, Cornelia and Gavril overtook the care of their grandchildren to prevent them from ending up in an orphanage. On one side, they need to take care of their youngest 14-year-old daughter, who needs her parents’ support. On the other side, the self-built household does not offer the appropriate conditions for the three grandchildren: there are three chambers, but not all have furniture. The bathroom and toilet are not outside, they have running water, but they use wood for heating.

Hope and Homes for Children helped the grandparents in raising their grandchildren, offering them specific support and counselling for their and their grandchildren’s needs.

Claudia has a job and commutes daily to Sibiu and Gavril is a day worker in the village and takes care of the children while their grandmother works. Even so, their low income not enough to ensure appropriate living conditions for the children or to keep them in school or kindergarten.

Hope and Homes for Children, due to the financial support granted by City Insurance, donated the necessary furniture for a minimal comfort in the home, an automated washing machine for obtaining and maintaining an appropriate hygiene level for the children, as well as materials for general and hygienic refurbishing for building a fence around the house.

The children received school and kindergarten supplies, but also hygiene products, clothing, shoes, bed sheets, blankets, pillows, towels. The first day of school and kindergarten found them prepared this time and the toys made them very happy.

Guided by Hope and Homes for Children, the grandparents succeed in managing the available resources, to fulfil their needs more easily, but also to enjoy being together. Additionally, they take steps to have a good relationship to the neighbours in the community, to the authorities, as well as to the teachers in school and kindergarten, being aware that not dropping out of education is very important for the children. At the same time, Cornelia and Gavril pay attention to the children’s needs and choose a healthy lifestyle, as much as they can. They also do not neglect the health of family members, seeing doctors regularly. In the future, they intend to grow animals and establish a subsistence household to provide them with healthy food.

Due to these measures, implemented by Hope and Homes for Children and their local partners, aided by City Insurance when the family needed it the most, the children were prevented from ending up in a state institution. Hope and Homes for Children will continue to provide the family with support whenever necessary.