Intervention from Hope and Homes for Children, with support by City Insurance

Many times does disease destroy destinies, mercilessly changing the lives of the sick and those around them. Iulia is such a case. Ever since she was little, she was deprived of a family’s love and had to grow up in a state institution, at Botoșani, after her father had died. Unfortunately her mother could not support her either, as she was diagnosed with tuberculosis a short time after her daughter was born and needed long term treatment. The mother could no longer take responsibility for raising up Iulia or her sisters and there were no relatives to be able to help her. As a result, the three sisters were taken care of by General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection (DGASPC) Botoșani.

Even though her mother was always present in her life, visiting regularly, Iulia missed her. This absence marked Iulia: the teenage girl rarely smiled, she was always looking for an argument, was quick-tempered and never felt the need to develop personal autonomy, requiring help and guidance for most activities.

In the summer of 2018, after turning 18 and graduating 10 classes at a professional school, Iulia wished to leave the social protection system. Her dream was to live together with her mother and to even support her.

As a result, in order to make her wish come true and help the family, Hope and Homes for Children enrolled the young girl in the socio-professional integration programme, funded by City Insurance. The Foundation’s experts drew up a plan of action based on Iulia’s needs, so that she could transition as smoothly as possible towards an independent life, having her mother by her side.

The Foundation decided to help by furnishing the dwelling, as the mother was unable to provide her daughter with the basics (bed, closet, bed sheets), which her house lacked, because of her low income (sickness allowance and income from day work in the village). Hope and Homes for Children acquired and donated a bedroom furniture set with a closet, bed, other furniture, bed sheets, dishes, cutlery and various kitchenware.

Until they were able to secure an additional income source, the mother and daughter were also given food and hygiene products. Both of them are being counselled and supported to find a job, in Iulia’s case taking into account her carpenter training within the professional school.

After three months at her mother’s side, Iulia is much calmer and more hopeful. She started smiling, she realised what taking responsibility, getting involved and taking care of herself and her peers means. She feels safe and knows she belongs to someone once again. And not only to someone, but to her beloved mother, whom she missed for so many years.

Due to the support provided by Hope and Homes for Children and City Insurance, Iulia has the chance to become an active member of society and to support her mother. Hope and Homes for Children will continue to provide assistance to Iulia and her mother whenever necessary.


Text by Sorina Moldovan // Photo by Roman Kraft - Unsplash

This programme is funded through the strategic partnership with City Insurance