Eliza is a fighter. She never gives up when on track and she taught herself to have the same attitude towards hardships in life.

Eliza was only 4 when she and her 6 siblings ended up in different institutions in Botosani county. It was difficult for her and her siblings, their father had just died and the mother, with too many issues to deal with and with no steady job, left to work abroad.

Eliza started running when she was a child. It was her way of escaping the problems around her, to be free and, in time, her passion for athletics started to grow. As a refuge, then as a dream. She started to practice it as a sport, steady and with dedication, and became a member of the Junior team of students from the Sports High School in Botosani. Eliza is now at the end of her high school years and will have her final exams. She knows that if she gets good results, she will be able to pursue her dream, so she is working hard and studying a lot.

The same attitude was present last year, when she turned 18 and asked to leave the childcare system. The adults around her agreed, as they knew she was mature and trustworthy.

She benefited from counselling and support regarding her transition into independent living and it was pointed out how important it is for her to continue with her school. Meanwhile, she contacted her mother and started to rebuild their relation. In the winter of 2018, her mother came to Romania and rented a flat and Eliza moved with her. The mother left to work in Italiy, again, this time being sure that Eliza will be able to make it on her own.

The mother sends money from Italy, as much as she can, but this is not enough to cover the daily diet needed by her sport activities and her daily expenses. Eliza’s sport programme includes daily practice with coaches and her colleagues, including trips, competitions, stages and lots of involvement. Her daily diet needs to match the needs of the sport she practices, she needs proteins, eggs, cheese, veal and poultry meat, fruits, vegetables and milk.

Learining about this ambitious young girl, HHC decided to support her, with the help of City Insurance. Eliza was therefore supported with food that brings her the needed amount of proteins and other substances needed to perform, with hygiene products and clothing items, footwear, bedding and cutlery.

Over the years, Eliza obtained very good results in sports, including in competitions such as the Marching National Championship, organized by Unirea Sports Club in Alba Iulia and the Romanian Athletics Federation. The championship had a divisioning system and in Junior 1 Division, Eliza obtained the first place. She is also proud of the first place obtained in the School Tetrathlon Championship, organized by the Iasi Municipality Sports Club and the Romanian Athletics Federation.

It is not easy for Eliza, but she believes in her dream. She is surely a winner already, because, despite all hardships, she had the audacity to try, to fail, to get up and to keep running on the path the brings her so many satisfactions.

Due to the support provided by Hope and Homes for Children and City Insurance, main supporter of the charity, Eliza can now follow her dream. The path to success is not easy, but we are sure she can have the life she wants, with a bit of support.

Congratulations, Eliza, and keep up to good work. You belong on the podium!