No matter how strong a woman is, after she gives birth she becomes even stronger. Sorina had to be strong since she was little, as she became an orphan. Until 16 years old she was raised by her maternal grandmother, but when the latter passed away, Sorina had to fight the world alone.

She graduated a sanitary school, she married at 18 and gave birth to a little girl, Gabriela Monica, now 4 years old, who changed her life, becoming her greatest joy. The relationship with the girl’s father did not last, as the mother divorced because of physical abuse. She preferred to bring up her daughter alone, even though it is not at all easy for her.

For some time she worked as a photographer for an online shop, but the contract ended and she lost her job.

The small salary went mostly to taking care of her daughter. Sorina and her daughter live in a two-room apartment, inherited from her grandmother. Because of financial difficulties, she became significantly indebted to the utilities collection authority of the apartment block she lives in and started fearing she and her girl would have to stay in a cold flat or with no water or electricity if they do not pay their bills. Even worse, she could be sued for not paying and lose her home.

Hope and Homes for Children’s experts found out Sorina’s case and, because there was the risk that mother and children be separated, starting 2018 the family was enrolled in the prevention programme carried out by the Foundation in Bihor county and other 11 counties. With the support of Vodafone România Foundation, measures in the action plan are being taken so that Sorina and Gabriela Monica stay together. 

Their flat has the necessary furniture, but the young mother lacks the financial resources to undertake urgent repairs, especially in the bathroom, or to make any other investments needed. Due to the financial aid granted by the Vodafone România Foundation in the project “Niciun copil separat de familie” (No children separated from their family), washable wall paint and materials for the hygienic refurbishing of the house were acquired.

The utility debt was compensated right after the enrolment, because Sorina risked to be sued for the outstanding debt and taxes due. She was additionally counselled about the importance of paying taxes and other financial obligations in time.

Gabriela Monica also received winter clothing and shoes, as well as other basic products.  

In order to become employed and have a salary to cover her and her daughter’s needs, Sorina took a manicure/pedicure course and already managed to get a job in the field.

Sorina is grateful for the support she received, especially because it arrived before the winter holidays. She confessed how much it means to her to feel that someone is by her and her daughter’s side, how much she loves her and how important it is for her, as a mother, to know her daughter happy and safe. This is why each action, no matter how small, has a significant contribution! She is also convinced that whatever we gift wholeheartedly will come back to us.

Text by Sorina Moldovan