When you have spent your entire life in the institution, your greatest wish is to have a family. That was Claudia’s wish as well – abandoned when she was 6 and institutionalised in an institution in Brașov up to the age of 18.

After leaving the institution, having no job, Claudia ended up in an institution for people without a shelter, where she stayed for a whole year.  She met her future husband there, he had also been coming from the child protection system. For a while they were ok, her husband succeeded to find a job with the aid of an NGO who supported them and offered them counseling sessions as well. In time, Claudia gave birth to three children aged between 3 and 7 and at the beginning of this year they had another baby who is 4 months old now. Once they had the children they started to have problems, therefore Claudia’s husband could not cope with all the issues they faced and started to steal. He was convicted and consequently Claudia found herself alone with all four children. 

The situation of this family was brought to Hope and Homes for Children’s attention in September 2018, right after the husband was imprisoned and three months before the birth of their fourth child. Pregnant and with no income besides the children’s allowance, the mother was at risk not only to be evicted due to not being able to pay the rent, but also her children to be taken away from her.

Due to all the hardships she had to face on her own, Claudia suffered from depression and she desperately needed emotional support and psychological counselling.

Therefore Hope and Homes for Children included the family in the prevention programme and an intervention plan was established according to her priorities. Although she is a mother who is extremely attached to her children and a powerful woman, motivated to exit the current situation, Cristina cannot manage without a specialized support and also material and financial means.

Because the family was at risk to be evicted due to unpaid taxes, Hope and Homes for Children helped them by paying all the past penalties. Also HHC purchased and donated clothing and footwear for the children and all the steps were made to enroll the children into the educational system, either nursery or kindergarten, as well as purchasing all the necessary school items. 

Up to the moment she gave birth to her fourth child, Claudia attended nursing classes to be able to find a job in the future. Hope and Homes for Children supported her by paying the transportation to the place she attended the classes. Also she was advised to make all the necessary steps to prepare all the documentation to be able to get the allowance for her new born child, the social welfare and the minimum guaranteed income.  

Currently, she is more peaceful and happy to know that she can count on somebody to help her when she is in need.

Due to the measures implemented by Hope and Homes for Children with the support of KRUK Romania, the family stayed united at a time when Claudia and her children were in great need. But the young mother still needs support in the future as well, both for being able to pay the monthly rent and utilities and also for avoiding the risk of eviction. She also needs support with the expenses related to food, child care and preventing school abandonment. She would like to work at least 4 hours a day so she can supplement her income, but the recently born child still depends on her. Hope and Homes for Children will continue to support the family until their situation becomes a more stable one, and Claudia and her children will not be at risk of being separated from each other.

Currently, happy smiles light up the home of this family!