Luiza and Liana spent their childhood in the child care system in the Maramureș County. They were abandoned by their mother at birth due to a difficult material situation and a violent and alcoholic husband. When their mother managed to get out of that relationship and found a man with whom to live a quiet life, she went looking for the girls and started to bring them home during holidays. In time, they built a beautiful relationship, and the girls really wanted to return to their mother and live with her, with her current husband, and their sibling aged 12. In 2015, when the family reintegration happened, Liana was 15 and Luiza was 18.

Throughout the process of reintegration, the family was assisted by Hope and Homes for Children, which ensured that the girls would adapt and have the best living conditions. The family lived in a modest house and with the little they had, they started to build a second room for Luiza and Liana. They erected the walls and put the rooftop, but did not have the money to complete it, so they all had to sleep in one room.

After reintegration, Hope and Homes for Children helped the family with all the materials needed to finish the room, and the family paid the workers. Now the work is almost completed and the girls can’t hardly wait to move into their new room. They already made plans about how to furnish it and how the space for each of them will look like, customized to suit their tastes. The parents are extremely happy they are together after so long and that they can create the best conditions for all of them.