First time at the pool this year

At the beginning of the holidays, children in at the small group house "The Red Valley" in Baia Mare were asked what they would like to do on vacation. "Let's go somewhere at the pool" they all said. In early August, an unforgettable day at the "Old Mill" pool in Săcălășeni was planned for children.

Together with the teachers they started preparing their backpacks since the evening before with everything they needed: briefs, bathing suits, towels, flip-flops, sandwiches, water and donuts. In the two coolers they put juices, apples, bananas, chocolate croissants and fruit jellies.

In the morning, the children were very anxious to get to the pool and once they got there nothing mattered more than the water basins, where they could paddle and splash freely, laugh and enjoy the sun and everything around them. One of the boys was so proud that I encouraged him not to be afraid of water, he kept saying: "See, I'm not afraid! Now I can swim because you and Mrs. Eva taught me!" Another young girl, equally thrilled, who would not come out of the water, kept asking: "I am brave, right?"

Everything was wonderful: the teachers, Eva and Rodica, played in the water with the children. Together we laughed, talked, and took lots of pictures. We enjoyed the whole experience together. We did everything together, even ate on the poolside terrace and all got the same menu: fries with chicken schnitzel. The appreciations of children of the site and the initiative to spend the day at the pool were unanimous: "I love it here", "I could hardly wait for this day to come", "So many water pools!", "It is beautiful on the water slides!","I wished we could not leave this place".

Unfortunately, the hours went by too quickly. But we were left with the memory of a wonderful day during this holidays days and with the wish to spend more such moments together. The next day I got photos to each of them to watch them smiling whenever they feel the need to. And to have them as souvenirs over the years.

Text by Sorina Moldovan, instructor and coordinator of the "December 22" Day Care Centre in Baia Mare