"The Rainbow - the link between the child and colour" – the exhibition of talented young people in the child care system at Baia Mare

On August 5-7, the Creation Workshop of young people in the child protection system in Baia Mare (Maramureș County), supported by Hope and Homes for Children, organized the painting exhibition "The rainbow - the link between the child and colour" at the "Holy Trinity" Roman Catholic Church of Baia Mare. The exhibition is a first for the artistic community in Baia Mare, and the aim was to showcase these young talents to both the general public and to the specialists. The exhibition opening took place on August 5, and was attended by people in love with art, colour and the beautiful, and enjoyed the support of the Artists Union.

The exhibition included 34 works by Andrada Seletschi (18), Doru Bogar (18), Dana Cordoş (19 years), Marian Reti (20 years), students from local high schools and students from the city of Cluj-Napoca. All of them are young artists seeking and finding their own way of expression through painting, but at the same time and a way to dialogue between with the public. A non-verbal dialogue, a coherent and well harmonized dialogue of plastic language elements.

The initiator of this project is Therezia Silaghi, instructor at Hope and Homes for Children and one of the main supporters of these young people, encouraging and supporting each of them. Among the themes approached are: the pictorial and the decorative, shades and tones, contrasts, graphics, visual effects, collage, folklore, and among the artistic and technical processes employed: pencil, oil, acrylic, marker, liner.

"By organizing this exhibition we wanted to show all of these wonderful young native talents. The rainbow idea from which we started this exhibition brings hope for the future. It is, as we said, a link between the child and colour. And these young artists hope that by combining colours, by paintings they made with devotion, to get known in this area. It is very important to always encourage them, and exhibitions contribute a real appreciation of their potential" said Therezia Silaghi.

"Hope and Homes for Children supports children from the child protection system in Maramureș who have a talent for painting and the exhibition "The rainbow - the link between the child and colour" is another proof of this. The love for beauty and colour exists in all children equally and it is time for people to give up prejudices they have toward children who have not had a chance to grow in a natural family. Their chance is all of us. Their future is born now, and the confidence they have in what they can do increases the appreciation that we try to offer with every move of the brush on the canvas of their own lives" said Anamaria Vid-Pop, psychologist, manager of the Quality Assurance Department at Hope and Homes for Children.