Hope and Homes for Children launched the child-family separation prevention programme in 2001, in order to help families with a high risk of abandoning their children in orphanages. The program is financed with the help of Genpact Romania, among other sponsors, through their participation in the 2018 Bucharest marathon. Every year, we help over 2,000 children to remain with their families.

The Boian family includes the two parents, Alexandra and Laurențiu, and their four children, Alexandru (aged 6) and Andrei (aged 5), who are both special needs children placed in the care of the Bistrița Placement Centre for Children with Disabilities, and Liviu (aged 4) and Iulian (aged 3), who are still with the family.

The family lives in the common laundry area of an apartment building in the Bistrița-Năsăud county. They inhabit a small room which is unsuitable for their needs. They are frequently threatened to be evacuated by the other building inhabitants, which is why they live in permanent insecurity. Their living conditions are precarious, all the more so since the mother is again pregnant. At the moment, it is the mother who takes care of the children’s education and upbringing, but she feels overwhelmed by material worries.

Alexandru and Andrei ended up in the placement centre because of the family’s unsuitable living conditions and insufficient material resources, and the local authorities have requested that the two other boys be placed into care as well, as they considered that their health and safety were under threat. It was also the local authorities who notified Hope and Homes for Children on the family’s situation and their need for help. This is how the Boian family was included in the Hope and Homes for Children programme preventing child-family separation.

After an assessment of the situation, Hope and Homes for Children helped the family cover the children’s basic needs: food, clothing, footwear; they also helped mediate the relationship with the neighbours, in order to enable the family to keep their current place. Starting with January 2017, the father was hired by a construction company, with the help of the Foundation. However, in spite of all these efforts, there was no significant improvement in the children’s situation. The biggest problem, the lack of a proper living space, affects the children’s safety.

Hope and Homes for Children worked to locate a studio or a flat for sale in the area where the family lives, in order to solve their main current problem. Buying a flat would reunite the family, as the two other boys would also be able to come home. The parents want to reintegrate them in the family and to have better conditions for everyone, but they simply cannot cope with the situation. Reintegrating Alexandru and Andrei in the family would also enable them to receive the allowance for the care of special needs persons, which would make the family financially autonomous.

At the 2018 Bucharest Half-Marathon, Genpact Romania chose to support the Boian family and to help them fulfill their dream of owning their home. 200 members of the Genpact staff ran the Half-Marathon, and the company donated 15,000 EUR to the Boian family, which will be used to create the necessary conditions for bringing the two boys back into the family.

Through the support of Genpact Romania, which came when the family needed it the most, the separation of Liviu and Iulian from the family will be avoided; the six family members and the baby that will soon join them will all live together in better conditions.