The Sadiu family is numerous: two parents and six children between 3 and 17 years old. Like many other families in Hope and Homes for Children’s programme child-family separation prevention, their story is a sad one, but, together with Arval BNP Paribas, it could have a happy ending.

A few years ago, the family started building the home they long dreamt of, on a piece of inherited land: a house where Sofia, now 3 years old, with a medium disability, Mihai (4 years old), with a medium disability, Petra (5 years old), Petre (10 years old), with a medium disability, Alina and Laura would all grow up together with their parents.

Unfortunately the family could not gather the funds to finish the home and had to ask for help. They were granted social housing for some time, but in September 2018 they had to leave and were forced to move in the only available shelter: the half-built house, with no finish, heating or furniture.

Desperate and with no financial support – the father is on extended paternal leave, in order to take care of the disabled children, and the mother is a housewife – the parents considered sending their children in a state institution. As a result, Hope and Homes for Children became aware of their case through the Baia Mare Public Service for Social Assistance (SPAS), where the family applied for assistance.

Hope and Homes for Children provided the family with support, at first buying construction materials for finish work in the ground floor, so that the family members better cope with the winter.

A stove was also bought, and coating, wall painting and floor tiling works were carried out. The family received furniture (especially beds), clothing, shoes and hygienic products.

For the winter, a heating station and all needed materials were acquired, as well as all necessary materials for its installation. However, for the heating station to start operating a well has to be drilled to provide it with water.

The Sadiu family strongly appreciates the support they received and is aware they could not have managed without Hope and Homes for Children’s help.

Due the support offered by Hope and Homes for Children and Arval BNP Paribas, a strategic partner of the Foundation, the family will be able to get well through winter. However, they are still very vulnerable and will receive further assistance from the Foundation for completing the house works. When the home is finished and the children are able to enjoy their childhood by their parents’ side, will we be able to say their story has a happy ending.