The story of the Neculai family

Approximately one month ago, we encountered the Neculai family. Back then, the children were sleeping in wooden boxes, in an extremely damaged room, and even that they were meant to evacuate as soon as possible. The children’s destiny would have inevitably been to enter the protection system where, somewhat ironically, their mother also grew up.

The authorities in Bacau asked for our urgent support in this desperate situation. We immediately agreed to do everything in our power to prevent the tragic separation of these children from their parents, who love them immensely in spite of the inhuman conditions in which they were forced to live for such a long time.

Because we managed to intervene in the most critical moment, together with the local authorities we had the chance to determine a major change in the life of this family, in just a few weeks. Now they have a home of their own, fitted with everything necessary, and the perspective of a bright and sustainable future.

Moving in their new home was more than memorable, not only for the members of the family, but for us as well. The joy on their faces can't be described, and their reaction to things we take for granted left us amazed. Simple things such as looking at oneself in the mirror and eating at a table were, for them, new and fascinating discoveries. They had lived for so long at the edge of civilisation that they couldn’t imagine a better life was possible.

Such moments and happy-end stories remind us of how much we love what we do and how important our work is. The results of our efforts are seen where they matter most - in the eyes of these children.