There are countless examples of sad destinies for children and young adults leaving care. You’re your childhood is not a happy one, it is very hard to become a young adult with hopes and dreams, who makes wise decisions about his future. When unprepared, such a young man is incapable of facing a cruel world and battle, on his own, a reality he feels he doesn’t belong to.

Vlad got out of a rehabilitation centre four months ago. He is only 19 and his life so far has been rough. Hope and Homes for Children and Kaufland Romania are there for him, in his attempt to be rehabilitated and become socially and professionally integrated.

Vlad is from Botosani and has five siblings. His family has always been under the eye of the authorities, especially since 2002, when it was common knowledge that his older siblings were neglected by their parents and ended up begging around town. Although their mother repeatedly said she wanted to take care of them, those words never turned into actions. This is how the young ones ended up in different orphanages.

Vlad has been in the child protection system since 2015. He was registered with the Psychiatric Hospital in Botosani as having a personality disorder that makes him emotionally unstable. Because he refused to take the treatment prescribed by the doctor and decided to quit school, it was decided that he be admitted into a rehabilitation centre for 2 years.

He left the centre in February 2019. He is trying to do something good with his life, as much as he knows and is capable of. He wants to have a steady job and a peaceful and safe life. With permission from his mother, he returned to live with her. She lives in a rented hostel room, owned by the state, with basic furniture in it.

Hope and Homes for Children, with support from Kaufland Romania, intervened in this case, in order to bring more comfort and stability in the life of Vlad and his mother’s. After he moved in with his mother, Hope and Homes for Children purchased and donated them several necessary items for their household:  wardrobe, washing machine, TV set, clothes. Because he had no means to buy food or sanitary supplies, Vlad was also provided with food stamps, so he can buy the products he needed. Moreover, the Hope and Homes for Children specialists helped him with information and advice on how to properly manage his most important resources.  

His mother is trying to understand and guide him as much as she can and she is also involved in finding Vlad a job. On his part, Vlad is making efforts to life with his mother. It is not easy, but they are trying to have a different life together – a better one than what they both have experienced so far. 

Text by Sorina Moldovan