Cristian Vorovenci, a champion running for Romania’s vulnerable children

"Hello, Alina! This is Cristian Vorovenci, we met at Bucharest Marathon 2015 and I would like to run at the 2016 Marathon for Team Hope." After this discussion, Cristian not only ran for Team Hope, but he also won second place in the relay trial at OMV Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon together with Andrei Ștefana and Ionuț Drăguşin and dedicated the award to team Hope and Homes for Children and to the cause it supports.

Cristian Vorovenci is 31 years old and he is from Tulcea. After playing football at junior level, he started athletics at 17. The first competition he attended was a cross in his hometown, then at 19 he won the first prizes: twice Junior National Champion at 1,500 m and 3,000 m, and was discovered by coach emeritus Dorin Melinte.

Since then, he collected awards at the national, Balkan, European and World (university) championships, both in individual and team trials. He says he likes athletics because almost everything depends on him, not on the other team members, like in football. He always wanted to be first, and fought very hard for this.

In 2015 he participated at the Bucharest Marathon organized by Raiffeisen Bank in the relay trial, and saw many runners who wore blue shirts with Team Hope. Curious, he asked a participant and found that runners support the cause of Hope and Homes for Children. The then decided that the next time he will run in a competition in Bucharest he will support this cause.

This was an anticipation of the fact that in the meantime he became a father and has realized how important the family is for a child. He believes that parenting is extraordinary, emotions and feelings you get to experience with a child are indescribable. The engagement with Hope and Homes for Children makes him feel that he gives a chance to a family and to happiness to other children and he wants to be involved as much as possible.

The participation at the OMV Petrom Bucharest Half Marathon was a first for Cristian, his first involvement in supporting a charitable cause, but also for Team Hope: an important award, second place in relay, added to the track record of the runners fundraisers of Hope and Homes for Children. From the podium, Cristian dedicated the award to the cause he supported and urged other runners to follow his example.

On October 9, at Bucharest Marathon he will wear the blue shirt of Team Hope again and hopes to add another award both to his own record and that of the team he supports. With ambition and devotion, he is convinced he will succeed, just as he is convinced that he will be able to fulfill his dream of running at the Olympics, the ultimate performance for any athlete.