Paul and Felix are two twins who will be 20 soon. They were institutionalised at an early age due to the parents’ extreme neglect and they’ve been through different institutions until being in one that is currently closed down by Hope and Homes for Children Romania. Institutionalisation, unfortunately, took is tool in the case of the two brothers.

In 2018 they let us know that they would like to leave the care system and start a life of their own and they also said that they would need help and support in this respect, being however, very determined to succeed in life.

When the representatives of Hope and Homes for Children Romania started working with them, they encouraged Felix to finish school (he is currently in his last year of studies, while Paul finished school in 2018. He was told that graduating was the first step in finding the job he wanted and it could provide him with the much-desired independence.

Meanwhile, the boys found an apartment to live in and this was the first step towards their independent living. For a while, we decided to support them by covering the rent costs, until they care able to save money and cover it by themselves.


The second step in their independent living was to identify a job for Paul. Felix, in turn, insisted that he wanted to work as well, to contribute to the daily expenses, food and rent. Hope and Homes for Children Romania therefore supported them to secure a job, counselled them regarding the way they should perform in interviews and they both managed, in the end, to find jobs at a car wash. Working in the same place, they can cover each other’s shifts and they have a more flexible schedule, which is good especially for Felix, who is still in school.

As the two boys are good and hard workers and have a constant income, their life is now on the right track. In order for them to save money, we provided counselling regarding budget management, prioritizing the expenses and mostly the need to have money set aside for unforeseen situations. To stimulate them, we covered the cost of their food supplies for three months.

Ambitious and always in search of challenges, Paul told us that he did not want to stay at the car wash for long and wanted a better job. He told us he wanted to become a sales representative and Hope and Homes for Children Romania took upon itself to cover the costs of the driver’s school he needed in this respect. Now, Paul has his driving lessons and eagerly awaits to finish them to have his license.

Due to the constant support provided by Hope and Homes for Children Romania and Webhelp during the last six months, the two brothers took their first successful steps in their independent life. The road is not an easy one, but we are sure they will be able to have the life they dream for.