Be more than a runner: be a HERO!


Team Hope was born out of the desire to reach out to communities and expand our fundraising and awareness efforts on behalf of Hope and Homes for Children; we wanted to provide people – be they experienced athletes or beginners, sponsors, partners, volunteers or endorsers – with new opportunities to support us. 

At the 7th edition of the Bucharest Half Marathon, the Team Home runners, be they individual participants or employees running on behalf of their company, are raising funds to help the Horia family keep their children at home. If our runners raise 90.000 lei, this will mean better living conditions for the 10 children and the chance to stay with the family instead of an orphanage, as well as the opportunity to continue going to school and kindergarten. You can find out more about the Horias and how to support them here

In the 7 editions of events organised by the Bucharest Runnning Club Association that we have participated in, our team was joined by over 2,000 runners, we were helped by over 350 volunteers and we gained dozens of partners and sponsors to support our causes.  Due to our dedication in the project, ever since our first participation in the 2014 Bucharest Marathon, we have become one of the official NGOs of the event, and we have won, twice in a row, the title of Top Supporting NGO.

On behalf of all the vulnerable children in Romania, we would like to thank all our supporters! 


Be a Team Hope Hero

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Pick out the race that best suits you and register with Team Hope:

Half Marathon (21,097 km): for those who are not yet ready to commit to the full marathon. You can sign up here
Relay race (7 km + 7 km + 7,1 km): teams of three runners taking turns. You can sign up here
The 10.548 m race – a suitable run for those taking their first steps in the world of professional running events. You can sign up here

Within 48 hours from registration, you will receive a welcome message from our team, together with a full information and advice toolkit on how to best organise your fundraising. We will also provide some very useful tips on how to train for the event. 


What do you have to do:

  • Raise at least 500 lei and build the foundation for a loving home for the children who risk ending up in orphanages because of poverty. 

  • Pick the most suitable fundraising method from the guide that we’ll email to you and start raising money!

  • Train, train again and then train a little more! 

  • Run the half marathon! Your Team Hope friends will be there to encourage you every step of the way. 


What you get from Team Hope:

  • The Team Hope running T-shirt.

  • Training sessions with Stelian Tufaru, the official Team Hope coach. 

  • Pasta Party, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, on the evening before the race.

  • Snacks provided by Solaris, refreshing drinks provided by Sloop, cheering and pampering at the Team Hope tent – on the day of the race. 

  • Constant support

  • The Team Hope Hero title and the opportunity to be part of an amazing team. 


If you’re not yet up to one of the longer races, then you can register for The Popular Race. You can register here, directly on the organisers’ website, for a 40 lei fee payable until April 29. You will have to select Hope and Hopes for children from the list, so that the amount is directed to us. 

* For the Popular Race runners, the fundraising is optional. Runners who prefer not to participate in the fundraising will not benefit from the Team Hope package detailed above. If you want to run in the Popular Race AND raise funds to our cause as well, please send an email to


If you’re not a runner, but would still like to join the Team Hope family, then you can become a volunteer. We need a large team of volunteers to manage the two Team Hope venue points on the day of the event: the main tent in Constituției Square and the hydration stop on the way

You can sign up right now, by filling in the volunteer form and, if you have additional questions, you can email us at




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